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Eastern Mavericks District Basketball Club is a leader in offering community based basketball opportunities. It endeavours to have socially inclusive values and is a leader in providing pathways for all members to participate in district, representative and elite levels of competition.


The Eastern Mavericks District Basketball Club Mission:

  • To be recognised as a leader in the promotion and encouragement of  participation in the sport of Basketball

  • Promote growth and continued improvement of our club to support our members in their goals and achievements

  • To develop and maintain high quality coaching at all levels

  • Develop an environment that promotes a healthy sporting community and  creates opportunities for excellence

  • Maintain high standards of development of basketball pathway opportunities for all our members and diligently promote through all mediums of media

  • To operate in a business focused environment, to be innovative, highly respected, have a high regard to professionalism and be committed to Financial Accountability


To teach, develop and promote the sport of basketball in the state of South Australia generally, but more specifically in the areas of the Murraylands, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula

To provide a safe and encouraging environment within which its members can achieve their personal best.

To provide structured developmental programs to improve individual and team basketball skills to the highest level possible

To provide structured development for coaches and officials

To compete successfully in the Basketball SA district basketball competition at both Junior and Senior levels


To create a caring and passionate basketball community for Eastern Mavericks members and to instill the Eastern Mavericks 3D’s.


FOR THE PLAYER: If you are not dedicated then you will not achieve your purpose, it’s as simple as that. Dedication is best defined as a singleness of purpose, devotion to a cause, a focus on a goal. We want our players to have the principles of Dedication both on and off the floor.

FOR THE VOLUNTEER:  Be determined that we strive to have the best supportive and inclusive club and that we are advocates of our successful club


FOR THE PLAYER: Is best defined as having firm intention, a firmness of purpose. We must all be determined that our overriding purpose of striving for excellence is the main purpose of all our players. We want all our players to develop in all areas of fundamentals  and aquire the essentials a quality player possesses.

FOR THE VOLUNTEER: Contribution through volunteering and undertaking tasks as directed by Team Manager/Coach/Management Committee etc .


FOR THE PLAYER: We define discipline as doing what you have to do, doing it as well as you can, and doing it that way all the time. It is about developing a mental toughness. Our players must have this quality as it is necessary for them to perform in pressure situations.

We must all work together and learn to trust each other: Mutual trust and respect will develop a team spirit which will make us unbeatable.

We must all learn to give up small individuals pleasures for the benefit of the team: If we cater to our own individual needs there will be no teamwork.

FOR THE VOLUNTEER: Commitment to the Club, commitment to complete a role and to do that with the best of intentions to the best of your ability within the Legal Rules and Regulations  of a Incorporated Club and be respectful of the Policies of Club and to Basketball SA & Basketball Australia.


PO Box 1461 Mount Barker SA 5251

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