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Our History

The Eastern Mavericks District Basketball Club was Established in 1995 and began with the vision of a handful of people who could see a need for a District Basketball Club in the Hills and Murrayland Regions. Prior to the formation of the Mavericks two clubs where operating in the area, Murray Bridge Bullets from Murray Bridge and Mt Lofty Spurs from Mt Barker. Murray Bridge Bullets had a slightly longer history with Senior Teams competing in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) which subsequently became ABA and Junior Teams competing in the BASA District Competition. Mt Lofty Spurs had Junior Teams competing in the Junior Competition.

The first suggestions of an amalgamation came in June 1994 when a group from Murray Bridge comprising Viv Goodenough, Margaret Tucker, Des Gommers, Shane Thompson and Nathan Jones approached Mt Lofty Spurs to discuss the future of the two clubs. Paul Kilvert, Richard Bray and David Tonks from Spurs/Eastern Hills met with the Bullets and discussion continued until March 1995. At this time more formal proposals were put forward by both clubs and the process began.

In July 1995 the Murray Bridge Bullets Senior teams where granted Division 1 status which was a milestone for the club and they then played under the banner of Eastern Mavericks, with inaugural coaches Kym Goodenough (Men) and Noel Robertson (Women). The first Junior Teams were entered into the Summer Competition in October 1995 and in that first season half the teams wore Bullets Uniforms and half wore Spurs Uniforms. This was a courageous move on everyone’s part and many players had to play for the first time wearing the uniform of the other club.

The inaugural President was Dr Paul Kilvert, Vice President was David Tonks, Secretary was Viv Goodenough and Treasurer was Richard Bray. A dedicated team of committee members helped to mould the structure of the club. This is a continuing process with changes being made in a constant learning environment. The name Eastern Mavericks District Basketball Club was registered and the new uniform that you see today hit the floor in 1996. In the first Junior Season of 95/96 the club gained 4 premierships, Boys 14 Div 3, 18 Div 2, 20 Div 2 Girls 12 Div 3. One of the main goals of the club in the first years was to obtain Division 1 & 2 status for Boys and Girls in all age groups. This was to prove our most difficult task and many people would not realise that one of the reasons we where able to do this as an amalgamated club was because we had achieved Division 1 for Men and Women in the senior competition. Being able to show a club structure from U/10 to Seniors has been an important part of our growth. The club has made huge strides thanks to the Dedication, Determination and Discipline of many parents and players. They can all be proud of what we have achieved. This club has a special feel and its core values and principles are what have helped it to become the family that we are today.

Life Members

2007 Pam Hoffrichter

2008 David Tonks

2010 Sue Yang

2010 Margaret van Schaijik

2011 Jason Warhurst

2013 Peter van Schaijik

2014 Marie Purdie

2014 Vince Purdie

2016 Nathon Jones

2017 Daniel Lean 

2019 Heather Purdie

2019 Bridgette Warhurst

2020 Sharon Morris

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