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NAIDOC Uniforms

Harley Hall speaks about his design.

“The big community symbol on the front represents the Mavericks basketball club with the adults sitting around teaching the juniors. The kangaroo and human footprints connect us to the animals and country and represent the journey we as Aboriginal people have had in the past 80 thousand years. The white hands on the back represent reconciliation between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people. The dot paintings and Aboriginal flag represent Aboriginal people from all over Australia and the white dots represent how far we all have come united as a nation”.

Comment from Kedeisha Kartinyeri

“I’m super excited to have the opportunity to play in the NAIDOC week round, as I’ve never been involved with anything like this before”

Club President Marg Van Schaijik said:

“This is the first time that Eastern Mavericks has celebrated NAIDOC week with specifically designed Premier League uniforms".

Our Home Games on Sat 13th July will have cultural events including “Welcome to Country” and a Cultural Dance performed.

The games at St Francis de Sales Community Sports Centre are 6.30 pm (Women) and 8.15pm [Men]. We thank Harley Hall for his designing of our new player uniforms for NAIDOC week 2019 . These uniforms will be also used for other cultural events during the Premier League season 2020 onwards.

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